Welcome to Tee Lah Ree

We are Manhattan's second hand store with a twist, specializing in refreshed and re-purposed furniture, retro items and who knows what else you might find.  We believe that great things don't have to come at great cost.  Each event, we have new items and fresh displays!  We will help you find the perfect item for your home, the perfect gift or the perfect piece to add wherever it may be. 

It is our desire to be a place where hospitality is offered and community is encouraged. Sign up for our e-newsletter here to stay in the loop on all things TeeLahRee.

We'll even give you a signature reusable bag to remind you of what we're all about

What else do we do...

  • Estate Sales - this is something to consider if you need to downsize, move or have lost a loved one. we can meet with you for a free consultation.

  • Staging Homes - are you moving and need your home to have a fresh look? let us help you show your house well to potential buyers. we can meet with you for a free consultation.                                                                            

  • Yard Sales - who doesn't love a good sale? we rent out space for you to sell your items. we do the advertising, provide the space and provide a table. we do this for a minimal cost.